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Recruiting does cost money, no question about that. The balance comes when you spend too much of your timeon a search for the right person while your company and clients suffer.

And, at HireSmartHR, it doesn’t cost you anything unless we successfully put the right person in front of you and you hire them. So why not let the expert construction recruiters at HireSmartHR spend their time doing what they do all day long anyway?

 As you work with us you’ll see we understand what you need and we won’t waste your time making dumb suggestions. When we suggest you meet one of our candidates, it’s because we know you should and we’ve done our due diligence investigating the candidate, meeting them in person, and doing a preliminary reference check.

Sometimes, what you need is really hard to find. We know that and knowing the market, the candidates and the companies in Ottawa helps us help you better. We do think outside the box. We have brought our clients unique individuals with skill sub-sets that set them apart and add unforeseen value to the bottom line.

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